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Firework Safety

Fireworks are fun, and it can be all too easy to get carried away with the sights and sounds of display and forget the Firework Safety Code. Some of safety guidelines may seem a bit obvious, but a helpful reminder never hurt anyone, whereas carelessness around fireworks can.


  • Only buy fireworks marked with the British Safety mark BS 7114 or with a European Standard CE mark
  • Follow instructions carefully USING A TORCH not a naked flame
  • Light at arm’s length USING A PORT FIRE not a lighter or matches
  • Don’t go back to an already lit firework
  • Store fireworks in a closed metal box

Common Sense

  • Don’t drink alcohol if you are responsible for setting off fireworks
  • Do not put fireworks in your pocket
  • Always supervise children
  • Keep pets indoors

Breaking the law when it comes to fireworks can result in a fine of £80 right up to £5,000 and even carries the possibility of a 3 month prison sentence.

    • Fireworks cannot be sold to under 18s
    • Under 18s are not allowed to carry fireworks in public
    • It is illegal to throw fireworks
    • It is illegal to set fireworks off in public places
    • It is an offence to let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am with exception for the following:

-until midnight on Bonfire Night
-until 1.00 am on New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year

If you are keen to learn more about firework safety, sign up for the Dynamic Firework Safety Training Course, an annual half day comprehensive training session held in Essex.

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