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Premier ship action often has it’s own share of fireworks, on the pitch,Dean Ashton at Dynamic Fireworks but imagine our surprise when football fame came to Dynamic in the form of Dean Ashton.

The ex-England and West Ham striker popped in to purchase some of our pyrotechnic wonders, and while he was at it, didn’t mind posing for a picture or two and offering up some wonderful words about our range of fireworks on offer.

As you can see from the photographs, Dean is pretty keen on the noisy fireworks we sell, such as the Super Show Rockets, baptism of fire cake and the Defcon Thunder barrage; his selection will definitely make sure that his celebration will go off with a bang!

Dynamic Fireworks director Nigel Claydon said “It was great to see Dean, particularly as I am a West Ham fan” a sentiment shared by fellow West Ham fan and Director Bob Claydon who is Nigel’s father and partner within the business. The pair had a good chat to see what Dean had been up to since sadly having to retire due to injury.

It seems Dean is now enjoying a few games of golf and some fireworks!

During our catch up Dean said he would recommend Dynamic Fireworks as we are “always very friendly, knowledgeable and the fireworks are awesome”.

Nice to see you Dean, thank you and come back soon!

Dean Ashton at Dynamic FireworksDean Ashton at Dynamic Fireworks

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