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Gosfield Hall

Every couple to be is searching for a unique wedding day which stays in their loved ones memories for years to come. Alongside their sister venue, Leez Priory, Gosfield hall has been holding tailor made, award winning weddings for twenty five years. Gosfield hall is the perfect venue to impress your guests with elegance and glamour.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Fireworks

Your magical day will be filled with games to entertain your guests and an exquisite range of food. But as the day comes to an end, why not finish it with a bang! Dynamics Fireworks will provide the perfect finale.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Fireworks

About Lee Beecroft

Lee Beecroft works at Dynamic Fireworks Ltd. in Colchester. With many years experience of working with fireworks and having grown up around them, Lee combines this knowledge with his 10 years experience of graphic design to create and choreograph stunning fireworks displays for weddings, corporate events and Guy Fawkes Night all over the UK. When not partaking in setting off the fireworks, Lee also enjoys motorsports and socialising with friends and family. To Keep up-to-date with the latest goings on, follow Lee on google+ or via Dynamic Fireworks Facebook or twitter page @DynamicFirework.

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