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The Only Way is Essex, Chris Drake, Nigel Claydon & Dean Heap

We received a call out of the blue from one of The Only Way is Essex cast today (Friday 14th December) asking to speak to the director. Lil Chris asked us if we could be available last minute to provide a stunning firework display for the TOWIE Christmas Party Episode in association with that was being filmed that night at a secret location in the heart of Essex.Not wanting to disappoint we quickly arranged a team consisting of director Nigel Claydon and another of our highly experienced senior operator Dean Heap.

Shell Burst from Dynamic Fireworks

Organising a Display

Putting on an event for the public requires a great deal of attention to detail, and when pyrotechnics are involved, there are even more things to consider to make sure that everyone has a safe night as well as lots of fun.

Here is our checklist of things to consider if you are thinking of organising your own firework display.


  • License
  • Insurance
  • First aid
  • Fire extinguishers, sand buckets and water
  • Plenty of torches

Who To Contact

  • Coastguard if your display will be withing 5 miles of the coast

Suitable Locations

Firework Safety

Fireworks are fun, and it can be all too easy to get carried away with the sights and sounds of display and forget the Firework Safety Code. Some of safety guidelines may seem a bit obvious, but a helpful reminder never hurt anyone, whereas carelessness around fireworks can.


  • Only buy fireworks marked with the British Safety mark BS 7114 or with a European Standard CE mark
  • Follow instructions carefully USING A TORCH not a naked flame
  • Light at arm’s length USING A PORT FIRE not a lighter or matches
  • Don’t go back to an already lit firework

Firework Display on a Budget

Looking for money saving tips for your firework display? The number one tip is to look for quality fireworks that are in a sale!

With fireworks, it is essential that safety is never compromised – not at any price, so rather than looking for cheap imports opt for:

  • Quality fireworks that have been reduced in price
  • Discontinued fireworks
  • Bumper packs

To ensure that the fireworks you are buying meet the right safety standards look for the British Standard mark BS 7114 on the box. Changes in legislation will also see European Standard code added, so look out for a CE mark too.

The Big Fat Sponsored Wedding – Pyrotechnics Courtesy of Dynamic Fireworks!

There is plenty of media hype surrounding the wedding of the year – Yes, Jack and Michelle’s Big Fat Sponsored Wedding – and we have been asked to put the pyrotechnic bang into their party!

The wedding is set to take place on 14th December at Plum Park Hotel in Northamptonshire and amongst the many fantastic freebies that the happy couple have asked for in return for a bit of publicity is a Dynamic Fireworks display.

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