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Stand Opening Goes Off With A Bang At Ipswich Town FC.

Putting the sparkle into an event is our forte, and recently we had the opportunity to dazzle the crowds at Portman Road.

Ipswich Town Football Club wanted us to create to create a spectacular event for the renaming of their now called Co-Operative Stand during half time in the opening league home game against Blackburn Rovers.

Fitting a firework display into a half time slot meant that we were really up against the clock, but we didn’t fail to disappoint. We impressed the crowds with a pyrotechnic burst of specially designed fountains, which the crew had to work quickly to set up. The fanned pods in the display were ready within one minute, and then the crowds looked on in wonder as sound and colour filled the stadium.


Premier ship action often has it’s own share of fireworks, on the pitch,Dean Ashton at Dynamic Fireworks but imagine our surprise when football fame came to Dynamic in the form of Dean Ashton.

The ex-England and West Ham striker popped in to purchase some of our pyrotechnic wonders, and while he was at it, didn’t mind posing for a picture or two and offering up some wonderful words about our range of fireworks on offer.

As you can see from the photographs, Dean is pretty keen on the noisy fireworks we sell, such as the Super Show Rockets, baptism of fire cake and the Defcon Thunder barrage; his selection will definitely make sure that his celebration will go off with a bang!


Marham FireworksMarham FireworksThis year No.II AC Squadron celebrate their 100th anniversary of their formation back in 1912, and is the oldest fixed-wing flying squadron in the world, and lives up to its informal motto ‘second to none’.

So in honour of their centenary year Dynamic Fireworks provided a firework display for all the members of the squadron and some selected high ranking dignitaries.

The funny thing is with the members of No.II AC squadron is that they think we are nuts to be setting off these fireworks, items like 6″ shells, and 2″ large bore cakes. When we turn round and say ‘what about you, you fly at hundreds of mph strapped to 600lb bombs etc and we’re nuts” they reply “but we’re miles away before it blows up, you guys are only metres”.


Tom Staunton Service Award
Steven Beecroft Service Award
RAF Marham DF Operators
Nick Tucker Lowe Award
Doug Porter Service Award

We here at Dynamic Fireworks have a long standing friendship with the guy’s and girls of No.II AC Squadron based at RAF Marham, and have provided many firework displays over the years, and this year is much the same, we’ll go into more details about that later.

As with any Military base security is of high importance, but once we passed through security we headed over to No.II AC Squadron’s head-quarters, the walls of which were filled with medals and pictures going back over the years. Showing the old planes the used right the way through to the Tornado’s of today.

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